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Go For The Gusto On Your Next Vacation

Do you deserve more than the same ‘ol, same ‘ol for your next vacation, Of course you do! Do something this time that you’ll remember the rest of your life. Get out of the box! There are so many more choices than just taking a regular cruise or guided tour. If you’re willing to think outside the box, and put a little effort into planning it, your vacation can be extraordinary. First of all, think about your interests or passions. Is there something that you’ve alway […]

A Quick Guide To Making The Most Of Your Maui Vacation

Maui is one of the world’s most famous vacation spots because of its beautiful beaches and landscapes. To make the most of your Maui vacation, plan ahead to enjoy some of the many unique attractions the island has to offer. Try something out of the ordinary ‘ how about a spelunking expedition in a lava tube, followed by a picnic in the Hala region? Several touring agencies in Maui use Limo-Vans, and limit tours to between six and eight people. Expert state guides lead the tours, with […]

Tips For Choosing A Ski Vacation Home

Millions of Americans take a ski or snowboarding vacation every year. As people’s interest in winter vacations continues to snowball, so too does interest in renting winter vacation homes. The homes can be a comfortable way to bring family or friends together for a great trip. They tend to provide more space than a simple hotel room (good for storing equipment and lounging around after a day on the slopes), they can help cut food costs because they often come with full kitchens and large g […]

Living in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain basks in the warm, clear and calm waters of the Persian Gulf and is an incredibly prosperous and multi cultural country becoming increasingly popular with professional expatriates seeking well paying employment in a low taxation country where the standard of living in Bahrain is incredibly high and the local people are liberal and tolerant towards other cultures. Bahrain manages to maintain a relatively neutral foreign policy and because of its general liberalism it’ […]

Budget Travel Tips For Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

Your annual road trip to Grandma’s with your family is not the time to be wasting money on unnecessary items or services. Road trips the type of vacation where saving money is possible and easy to do. Follow these simple steps and your Thanksgiving road trip will be one of the best and cheapest you have ever taken. One of the biggest areas where money can be saved is on food. Pack snacks and maybe even a picnic meal or two before leaving home. Rest stops are great to stretch your legs and […]

Saving Money When Traveling

Traveling, particularly overseas, can be a great experience. For many people, it can also be an expensive one, which means you need to know how to save on expenses. Saving Money When Traveling For many people, traveling is the ultimate method of rejuvenating their zest for life. On one hand, you get away from the constant interruptions of daily life that occur at work and home. On the other, you get to see a whole different way of living in another location, even if it is in your country. The on […]

14 Lanzarote Beaches – San Bartholme

San Bartholme is the most central of the islands seven municipalities separating the two contrasting landscapes of the north and south of the island.? There are relatively few beaches in this area, although we did have visited three on our many trips to the area.? The first beach is known as Guacimeta. This 1,050m stretch of beach of toasted sand and calm waters is quite exceptional as beaches go, except that it’s a bit too close to the airport for my liking. Parking was good and it can be […]

Florence, Italy ‘ Of David and Such

Often consider ‘Rome Light’, Florence is the city of the Medici and art galore. Despite this, there is an odd modern influence in this hallowed city. Florence When it came to the Renaissance, Florence was definitely one of the places to be. The city is full of examples of the past whether from great artist, architecture or significant sites. The city center dominates travel guides, but gardens and interesting sites can be seen by just strolling through the city. Head to the Santa Mar […]

The Saskatchewan Prairies

The province of Saskatchewan is located in the country of Canada and is between the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba; they call this province a prairie province because of its flat lands. Saskatchewan’s economy is associated with agriculture, however increasing challenges has meant that agriculture, fishing, hunting and forestry together make up 6.8% of the province’s GDP. Wheat is the most known crop here, and perhaps the one stereotypically associated with the province, but other […]

Beach front Resorts of the Costa del Sol

Sotogrande Sotogrande is found within the province of Cadiz and is situated near the Straits of Gibraltar which can offer quiet beaches and coves although the hustle and bustle of the Costa del Sol is only half an hour away.? It is within easy reach of Malaga, Marbella, Cadiz and Gibraltar. Sotogrande is an exclusive sports and residential development which has developed over the last 30 years.? It is a quiet area based around a substantial marina which will have over 1,000 berths once the secon […]

Top Ten Travel Destinations – Part I

National Geographic magazine recently released a top ten list of the best travel spots in the world. The list was based on aesthetic appeal, cultural integrity, environmental conditions, condition of historic structures and tourism management. Here is the list they chose, along with some general information about each and why you might want to consider the area for your next travel vacation. 1) Norwegian Fjords: One of the great wonders of the world, the tall peaks of Norway plunge down into wat […]

Now, An Easier Way To Visit China

China’s popularity as a vacation destination is booming. Not only is China a new World Trade Organization member and host to the 2008 Summer Olympics, the country is also projected to soon be the number-one travel destination, according to the World Tourism Organization. City Tourist Attractions This fascinating country has much to offer travelers. China’s capital of Beijing is home to the mysterious Forbidden City and some of the best-preserved sections of China’s Great Wall. […]

Valencia Spain – What A Great Travel Experience

Valentia, dating back to 137 B.C., is what we now know as Valencia, Spain. If there was any confusion as to where Valencia is or what it is known for, the city’s renovation with breathtaking architecture turned into museums, aquariums and Imax cinemas plus the hosting of the world famous America’s Cup 2007 has definitely put it on the map. Valencia has gone through all kinds of cultures, taking advantage of each one’s contributions, from the Romans through the Arabs, the Cathol […]

Laxing Andorra

Andorra, The Principality of Andorra is a very small, landlocked principality in south-western Europe. It is located in the Pyrenees mountains, bordered by France and Spain, and is a very interesting country to travel to. Once an isolated country, Andorra, has currently become a very prosperous country because of tourism and for it’s benefits that it offers to international corporations for taxes. The name of the country, Andorra most likely originated from the Navarrese word andurrial, wh […]

Venice, Italy – The Bird Lady

Venice is an old and somewhat eccentric city in Italy. Built long ago on marshlands, I was surprised to find myself spending my first night in the city with the bird lady. Rent a Room As is common with many cities in Europe, one can rent a room in a private home at the train station. The advantage of renting a room is you get to live with a family and the costs tend to be a lot cheaper than a hotel room. If you’re lucky, the family will take a liking to you and haul you around to see the & […]

Skyscraper Of Paris The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower – an enormous structure of exposed latticework supports made of iron, was constructed for the Paris Exposition of 1889. The Prince of Wales officiated at the ceremonial opening. Of the 700 proposals submitted in a design competition, one was collectively chosen, a radical conception from the French structural engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who was assisted in the design by engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, and architect Stephen Sauvestre. The Eiffel Tower […]

Get A Taste Of Ibiza Closer To Home At Bournemouth

Fancy a beach stag weekend in an Ibiza-like atmosphere that’s close to home? In this case, Bournemouth in Dorsett is the closest to your preference. What is it that makes Bournemouth so unique? While Bournemouth was previously branded as a blue-rinse paradise, this destination is currently populated with bars and clubs, all located within close proximity and thus turning this city to popular stag weekend destination. However, stag weekends in Bournemouth are not all about night activities. […]

Sail In Paradise – Yacht Charter Adventures In The Virgin Islands

Looking for a relaxing and adventurous get-a-way in a paradise setting?? Why not consider dropping anchor in the sizzling blue waters of the Virgin Islands aboard your own private, crewed Yacht Charter?? The Virgin Islands are an archipelago of over 40 islands, islets and cays lying to the east of Puerto Rico in the Northeast Caribbean.? This enticing destination offers its visitors the opportunity of exploring both U.S. and British islands.? While Sailing in the U.S. Virgin Islands, featured is […]

Family Getaways For A Little Time Together

The bigger your family, the harder it is to find time to spend with each other. Family? getaways are one way to carve out some time in that hectic schedule. Family Getaways For A Little Time Together If you have a family, you know how hard it is to schedule a trip. Everyone in the family has a different idea on where to go, and a different schedule to work around. The kids might have sports events and music lessons, while Mom and Dad have a job to go to. If a long trip isn’t in the cards f […]

Vancouver – The Best City In The World?

The beautiful city of Vancouver is located in the Southwestern corner of British Columbia, Canada; on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Being overlooked by the Coast Range Mountains and surrounded by water on three sides, the city has a landscape that truly takes your breath away. The Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) has everything from Beaches, mountains and 192 beautiful parks to a cosmopolitan downtown area, fabulous shopping and entertainment. Due to it’s location it has a mild […]

Seeing the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt in Cairo

Seeing the Great Pyramids, one of the ancient wonders of the world, is a once in a lifetime trip for many people.? Because of the travel distances involved for most tourists who go to Egypt, advance planning is definitely required.? In many cases, a visa from an Egyptian consulate would be required in advance of a trip.? There are many tour agencies located around the world with access to organized trips to Egypt that would make things much easier for many travelers.? There are even Egyptian Tou […]

Galapagos Cruise – Tour In Ecuador

We arrived late in the evening in Quito after circling the airport for some time.? My husband and I came to Ecuador to visit our daughter who is studying in the south of Ecuador. While there we wanted to visit Otavalo and cruise in the Galapagos Islands. We were happy to see our guide, Jorge, meet us at the airport as the hour was late and there were no taxis to be seen.? Our guide had waited patiently for the plane to land.? We found out later that flight delays in and out of Ecuador, especiall […]

Travel In Brisbane And The Sunshine Coast

With a population of 1,600,000 and with an area of approximately 525 square miles, Brisbane has shucked the reputation it had as a backwater and changed it to a reputation that the people living there can be proud of, being one of the country’s most progressive centers. Brisbane has a number of interesting locations such as a great riverside park and a good street cafe scene. Brisbane’s cultural calendar is quite busy and the nightlife is thirving too. Locally, Brisbane is known as B […]

Jerusalem in just 3 days

How to Get Around: The best way to see the Old City of Jerusalem is by walking the narrow, ancient alleyways that twist and turns like a maze. Parts of the Old City like the Shouk (market) where the hustle and bustle crushes around you amid the presence of the past is pedestrianised. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher The Via Dolorosa ends here, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Like most of the Old City, it is located within a small courtyard in front and the neighboring buildings built of Jer […]

The World’s Coolest FranchIce

Samuel Johnson said it almost 300 years ago, and I still believe it today … “If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.” I enjoy many locations around the world, but none so much as London. It’s the center of civilization, as far as I’m concerned. If something is ‘happening’ there, then it’s worth taking note. That’s why I was quite impressed to see the IceBar had set up shop on Heddon Street. You don’t need to have a […]

Keystone Night Skiing

Keystone offers the finest night skiing in Colorado with lights on 15 different slopes and a great terrain park. Night skiing starts at 4pm and ends at 10pm.<br> All of the night skiing at Keystone is on the front face of the mountain featuring great runs like the spring dipper. The Keystone Gondola will service most of the night skiing.<br> The spring dipper is a great long fast groomer with great high speed turns which makes the spring dipper a night skiing favorite. The frenchman […]

Vacationing In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small coastal country of Central America. This affluent country lies between Nicaragua and Panama and is the most admired holiday spot in Central America. People come from far and wide for vacationing in Costa Rica. Eco- Diversity Costa-Rica is diverse in terms of climate, topography, Flora and Fauna. You will find vast difference in climate, in very small distances. While vacationing in Costa Rica, you can visit its sultry beaches, rain forests and cloud forests. Hundreds of spe […]

Castles Along The Rhine

The Rhine River is one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions. This famous river has been at the heart of German history for centuries, dating back to at least Roman times. In fact the river marked the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar himself conquered the areas of Europe to the south and west of the Rhine, and the Germanic tribes retained control of the lands to the north of the river. When the Roman Empire collapsed in about 400 AD the Germans flooded across the […]

If you are going to San Francisco

One of the most vibrant and picturesque cities in the United States, San Francisco attracts a lot of tourists every year. San Francisco offers a significant number of cultural attractions and world famous landmarks, all in the surroundings of impressive natural beauty. The first settlement here was built in the end of the XVI century by the Spanish conquers and received its name in honor of Saint Francisc. Now San Francisco is called the pearl of the Western Coast. It’s a unique mix of the […]

Rome airport: Rome needs a new airport.

In these days Rome airport authorities are debating about the possibilities to build or not a new airport in Rome. At the moment Rome has three airports: Fiumicino, for the international flights, Ciampino, for the low cost companies, and the City airport ( aeroporto dell’ Urbe ), normally used as miltary airport as well as training center for the italian pilots and? the helicopters of Rome. In these months the passengers traffic at Ciampino airport increased and the city needs also to move […]

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