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At some point in our life, we owe it to ourselves to take a well-deserved vacation.? Maybe you have thought about a Caribbean cruise but just do not know what to expect.? A cruise ship has all the amenities of a five star hotel with more!? In addition, you can enjoy a back to nature vacation and a vacation with nightlife and fine dining all on the same trip. So, what is your idea of a perfect vacation?? Is it getting back to nature and enjoying clear water, enchanting waterfalls, and exhilarating wildlife?? Alternatively, do you prefer shopping and a more industrialized area with nightlife and fine dining?? Whatever your interest, a Caribbean cruise offers all of the above.? Caribbean cruises are normally divided into three categories: Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, or Southern Caribbean.? Shorter trips to the Southern Caribbean will typically depart from Puerto Rico, Aruba, or Barbados, while longer journeys may depart from the mainland of the United States.? Western cruises will depart from the Gulf of Mexico for the most part: Florida, Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana.? However, Eastern cruises may depart from the Gulf of Mexico, usually Florida, or New York, for slightly longer journeys. Each territory of the Caribbean offers appealing and diverse elements.? The Eastern Caribbean is slightly more commercial than its counterparts are.? Offering shopping, sailing, and snorkeling, this is an area for people seeking a little more industrialization.? The Western are, on the other hand, is more for the nature enthusiast.? Likewise, the Southern Caribbean offers untamed adventures. The length of your cruise will determine your itinerary.? Shorter trips will typically be at sea for one or two days and likewise be at port for a short period.? While you are at sea, you can enjoy all of the amenities of the cruise ship, including food, dancing, entertainment, or just basking in the sun relaxing.? When you port at your destination, you may choose to stay aboard or go out and see the sights.? Longer cruises generally allow you to port at several different locations, which is especially nice to see the various parts of the region.? At the end of your journey, you can relax onboard ship while you set course for home. Once you depart ship, you will find yourself a little more relaxed and ready to face another day at work. ? Caribbean Cruise ‘ A Journey across the Water

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