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It’s not called one of the happiest places on earth for nothing! We’re talking of course about Disney World, еден од најголемите и најпопуларните тематски паркови на планетата. Тие имаат атракции, возења, хотели многу, and so many things to see and do that you would have to take 10 trips to Disney World to see it all. Пред да одите сепак, треба да имате предвид неколку совети. Секако, може да биде одлична авантура за целото семејство, but if you do not come prepared you might end up ruining your entire vacation. The best time of the year to travel to Disney World is during their off season. This is usually around January to early February and also the summer. There will be less people, shorter lines to wait in, and fewer hassles in general, as well as the ability to see and experience more since there will be fewer people filling the parks. Additionally, the weather will be very pleasant since the daytime temperatures in January and early February run around 65 to 70 degrees. Although the summer goes hot, that simply results in fewer crowds for you. When taking a vacation to Disney World, consider staying in one of the hotels outside of, but close to, the parks. Those are normally less expensive than hotels inside, but still have shuttles to take you to and from the park – so nearby convenience isn’t lost. These hotels are less crowded as well. If, on the other hand, you stay at a hotel inside the park, you will have the convenience of taking a monorail right to your room, helping to avoid parking lots and the hassle of getting in and out of the park. It is more expensive, though, so you will do well to evaluate the pros and cons prior to making a hotel decision. Another tip for a great vacation at Disney World is to plan your “in park visitation strategy” before arrival. It is also advisable to you buy your tickets before even traveling to Orlando. The benefit will be fewer lines, and you will be able to be one of the first visitors in the park. There are plenty of activities in Disney World, especially for the kids. Disney characters walk around the parks, while you enjoy and a seemingly endless array of rides, игри, and entertainment to keep your children busy for the entire day. They real question is who will wear down first – the kids or their parents. If you have a teenager, you may want to plan a day at Wet ‘n Wild, a water park they are sure to love. Magic Kingdom and Epcot are geared largely toward teenagers, so it is great to plan at least one day at each. Finally for the adults, there is more than enough to do during the evenings. Pay a few extra dollars and hire a Disney-hired babysitter while you go out for a great dinner at one of the many famous restaurants. Or you could be bold and head to Pleasure Island to dance and laugh the night away. No matter when you go to Disney World or what you do there, you are sure to have one of the best times of your life! ? Taking A Memorable Vacation To Disney World

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