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The Top Ten Beaches Of California

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The Top Ten Beaches Of California

Despite the fact that more famous actors and actresses live in this state than any other, Плажът, according to those polled, is the main reason why people travel to California. This is no surprise when you consider the fact that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found on the coast line of California. One does not have to go far to find the sand and surf that they are looking for. High Bluff beach is probably the most popular of all the beaches in California. Once a place where industry ruled, the High Bluff area is now one of the most breathtaking areas on the planet. The white sand beach is the place where thousands flock during the heat of summer to soak up the rays and swim in the cool ocean. Make sure you arrive early to avoid the rush or you may not be able to find a spot to lay the towel. The Wilson Creek Beach is one of those spots that seems to attract the higher class of people. One of the playgrounds for the rich and famous from as far away as Los Angeles, the Wilson Creek beach offers some of the finest in views and sunbathing that one could hope for. The beach is alive in the summer months and is the site for a good many yearly festivals and events. Enderts Beach is small but that is just fine with those that frequent it. One of the smallest in the state, Enderts allows for a more peaceful vacation when sunbathing and swimming. Surrounded by some of the more popular attractions in the state, this beach is a popular stop off on the way back to the motel place. Take part in the free snorkeling lessons that are given from May to August to enhance the experience. The Crescent Beach is another smaller area but very popular. This site is one of the many in California where some feature films and television shows have been shot. The small area fills up fast in the heat of summer so plan on leaving early to get one of the prime spots. Pebble Beach is probably the most well known of all beaches in California. Home to some of the finest swimming and relaxing areas in the world, Pebble Beach is also where you will find the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course, a top stop on the masters and other professional golf tournaments. Point St George is also highly popular with the rich and famous because of the seclusion of the site. There is no real easy access to the beach and people are often times put off by the long walk from parking to the beach. This does nothing to take away from the sight of the beach and the ocean as it crashes in. Kellogg Beach is great for the occasional tourist. Small and out of the way this beach is one of the more beautiful but also one of the least known of all California beaches. The Pelican State beach is a protected area that can be used for swimming and sunbathing as well. The area is home to the largest population of pelicans in the entire state and people from the world over come to feed the large birds with food bought from local vendors. Beachfront Park is much more than just a beach. Surrounded by an uncommon wooded area, this beach is perfect for the family. The site does not get real busy during the year and can be perfect for that party or picnic you are planning. South Beach is a nice little spot if you happen to enjoy crowds. One of the busiest of all the California beaches, South Beach is one of the many spots where you are likely to find a famous person or two out enjoying the sun and surf. Memorial Park Beach is the one place where you can have great swimming, sunbathing and breathtaking views without all the noisy crowds. Attendance at this beach has been down in recent years and people are finding it much more enjoyable. ? The Top Ten Beaches Of California

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