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Costa Rica is a small coastal country of Central America. This affluent country lies between Nicaragua and Panama and is the most admired holiday spot in Central America. People come from far and wide for vacationing in Costa Rica. Eco- Diversity Costa-Rica is diverse in terms of climate, topography, Flora and Fauna. You will find vast difference in climate, in very small distances. While vacationing in Costa Rica, you can visit its sultry beaches, rain forests and cloud forests. Hundreds of species of birds and animals are the treasure of the country. Tourist Adventures There is something for everybody vacationing in Costa Rica. The wild life tours take you to see the wild animals and reptiles in their natural habitats. Tourists can take a tour of a forest from a cable car, which gives them a complete view of plant and animal life in that forest. A series of ropes fastened to the trees in a jungle, allow the more daring tourists to swing from tree to tree. Various inert volcanoes also make for hot tourist attraction. They can see eruptions from active volcanoes like Arenal, safely from a distance. Scuba diving in Costa Rica is a different experience altogether due to the abundance of aquatic life in the Caribbean Sea. The west coast of Pacific Ocean is the spot where scuba diving takes place. Beauty in Nature Natural wonders are also in abundance in Costa Rica. Be it the crystal blue lakes formed in craters around the inert volcanoes or the hot water springs surrounding the active volcanoes, they can take you in awe. Getting There The tourists have to fly in to the San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, as all major flights are connected to this city. Flying in to Liberia is another option. To move around within the country, the people vacationing in Costa Rica usually hire a vehicle, as there is a lot to see. Stay in comfort Besides hotels, tourists also rent houses while staying in Costa Rica. The houses can be as simple or luxurious as you would like to spend. It is a safe country with good food and a very low number of tropical diseases. Costa Rica is the best choice for people looking for Eco-tourism. Visit it once, and you would surely like to return there very soon. ? Vacationing In Costa Rica

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・ Vacationing In Costa Rica

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