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If you’ve got the travel bug but don’t have the funds, you may feel like a destination vacation is a distant dream.? Not so!? Traveling on a budget has never been easier, and if you think budget means dirty communal hostels, think again.? Don’t put off your dream vacation for another year.? There are plenty of options for the cash-conscious traveler, and if you know how to plan the sky is the limit. If you dream of a tropical vacation complete with turquoise waters and gently swaying palm trees, your dream can come true sooner than you think.? All-inclusive vacation packages in sunny locals such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Barbados are surprisingly affordable.? All-inlcusives are great since your flight, hotel, food, and drink are all included for one surprisingly reasonable price.? Many resorts also offer fun activities that are included as well.? Book last minute and you could be staying at a five star hotel for the price of a three star.? Another tropical option is right in your own backyard.? Florida, Hawaii, and California are all home to gorgeous beaches that will make you wonder if you are still actually in the US.? If Europe is where you want to be, fret not about the expensive Euro.? If you plan on staying in one city for the duration of your vacation, consider renting an apartment.? Just like a bed-and-breakfast without the food, apartment rentals offer an inexpensive option for the budget-minded traveler.? Staying in a unique apartment also give you an opportunity to check out less touristy areas of major European cities.? Many also include kitchenettes so you can enjoy fresh meals from local grocery stores.? Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.? You may also want to consider traveling in the off-season since prices usually take a considerable dip. Booking with a travel agent has become somewhat pass, and the deals you can get online just can’t be beat.? Hotels and flights can be booked at significant savings, and you can check back as often as you like for updated prices.? Many travel websites will even email you when prices change on flight details.? Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can book their entire vacation and save a bundle.? Dream vacations are within your reach if you simply spend some time making plans and finding the right price for you.? No matter what your budget, you can have the perfect vacation and see the world. ? Traveling on a Budget

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・ Traveling on a Budget

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