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Alicante Airport is located about nine kilometres to the southwest of the city of Alicante, Spain. It is located in Elche. This is the main airport used by travellers to the Alicante and Murica regions. Much of the traffic into the Costa Blanca each year enters through this airport. The airport is large and clean with marble halls. There are restaurants, bars and shops to visit while you wait for your flight. There is also a large duty free shop located within the terminal for your convenience. Traffic into Alicante Airport The airport opened in 1967 and has grown dramatically since then. A large percentage of travellers come through this airport when visiting the Costa Blanca. Nearly nine million people fly into Alicante every year. About 80% of the traffic is international travel. The growth has been tremendous in recent years. The number of travellers using the airport grows each year. To keep up with the increased demand, a new terminal is under construction. The new terminal is projected to open in the year 2009. A large number of flights come into this airport from all over the world. A great many are from the United Kingdom, since this area is a large tourist attraction for British travellers. The next greatest number of flights comes from Germany and Holland. Most large airlines and many smaller, discount airlines offer flights into this airport. The presence of the discount airlines makes it easier to find competitive fairs when travelling to the region. While many of the larger airlines offer direct flights from other large cities, some of the smaller airlines don’t have direct routes. Compare prices and schedules to find the best deal for your trip. Travelling From Alicante Airport Once you arrive at the airport, there are several ways you can travel to your final destination. There is no train at the airport. The transportation method you choose will depend on where you are staying and how much you intend to travel within the region during your stay. If you plan to travel extensively, or want the freedom to come and go on your own schedule, you may want to consider a car hire. There are several companies that operate at the airport. Be sure to reserve a car before you leave home, especially in the busier travel seasons. This will ensure that a car will be available and you will get a better rate. You can take the airport bus to several destinations around Alicante. The bus to down town Alicante is fairly inexpensive. The ride is about forty minutes and the bus runs from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Buses run about every forty five minutes. It is air conditioned, which you will appreciate if you travel in the summer. Although many drivers speak only Spanish, they are very friendly and helpful. There is a bus to Benidorm as well. This bus is a bit more expensive, as the ride is longer. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to reach Benidorm from the airport. This route is fairly new and doesn’t run as frequently as the one to downtown Alicante. The bus runs from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and comes about every hour. Routes are available to Calpe, Torrevieja and Denia as well. If you prefer not to wait for the bus, taxis are available outside the airport. The drivers are very helpful. Some are bilingual and others speak only Spanish. Taxis are available to the train station in Alicante or to any of the surrounding cities. The fare you will pay depends on the distance to your final destination. ? Traffic Into Alicante Airport

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・ Traffic Into Alicante Airport

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