Tips For Redeeming And Collecting Flyer Miles

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We all like to get something for free but there is an old adage that says ‘nothing is ever free’.? A free airplane ticket is the draw of frequent flyer points but since airlines are not in the business of giving away seats for free there are some things you need to be aware of.? There are also some tricks to using your accumulated air miles so you can get the most benefit out of them. First off you need to choose a frequent flyer program and stick to that one program.? Research the program and choose one that you will use most often.? These programs also have partners including other airlines, retail stores, dining and car rental companies.? Also research how many miles you receive for your flights and how many miles it takes to redeem a free ticket.? Keep in mind that some airlines only give a percentage of the actual miles on discounted tickets so if you’re a bargain hunter then pick a program that gives you one hundred percent of the miles on cheap tickets. Once you’ve chosen and signed up for a program it’s time to start earning frequent flyer points.? Sign up for email newsletters and check the airline’s website constantly so you are on top of any promotions. Check if there are any retail partners that will earn you points before shopping online.? Christmas shopping can earn you a free flight so research before you buy. Credit cards are also available that will earn you miles for each dollar you spend.? Be cautious of these; they usually have an annual fee.? You need to use the card as much as possible to make this worth it.? There are creative ways of spending and earning.? Offer to pay using your credit card when you dine out with a large party.? You can also use your credit card for large purchases and on line shopping.? These will add up quick and collecting flyer miles will become second nature. Now that you’re earning air miles make sure you stay organized and on top of your accumulated miles.? Since there are so many partners and vendors involved there is a likely chance that some of your miles won’t show up.? Keep your receipts and any flight stubs in case you need to submit proof to receive credit. Once you have a significant number of miles it’s time to redeem them.? Don’t be too hasty in redeeming your miles.? The more you accumulate the better the free ticket’s value.? Since airlines don’t like to give away things for free there are only a limited number of seats per flight for frequent flyer redemption.? Plan and book as far in advance as possible.? Most airlines permit booking nine to twelve month in advance.? Also check for redemption promotions since airlines often offer off season destinations at a discount.? Don’t waste your miles on a cheap flight; use them on trips that would normally be out of your price range.? Airline flyer miles are a great way to earn free flights but keep organized and wisely redeem them to get their full benefit. ? Tips For Redeeming And Collecting Flyer Miles

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・ Tips For Redeeming And Collecting Flyer Miles

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