Spain Is An Excellent Vacation Spot

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When you travel to Spain consider renting a car to make your trip a more enjoyable one.? When you rent a car you are free to explore the countryside and the towns at your leisure without checking bus times and schedules.? Even when you include the high cost of European fuel prices, you may actually be able to save money renting a car on your trip.? Car rental can be cheaper for a group of tw or more people.? For a one person renting a car during your holidays can sometimes be only slightly more than your rail pass would be for the same amount of time.? Since the prices of gas are higher in Europe than they are in the States, you will want to factor this in when you choosing a vehicle.? You will want to choose a car that gets excellent mileage per tank of gas.? Choosing a smaller, more compact care will help you achieve this aim.? A smaller car is also easier to get around in and easier to park on narrow streets and alleys.? The smaller your group the more likely you should be to choose a smaller car.? If you are traveling with a large family or group of friends, you may be forced to choose a large vehicle,.? If you want to do a large amount of driving, a smaller car is definitely the way to go.? If you want to really save money on your car rental than try to book as soon as possible to save money.? You can also compare the prices between renting your car at the airport or in the town itself.? Make sure you return your rental car with a full tank of gas to steer clear of any additional charges.? If you rent your car for a longer period of time you’ll also save money.? Try picking up and returning your car on the weekend to save money.? You can also save money by avoid some extra features.? Air conditioning should be skipped if you are trying to save money.? If you are going on vacation during the summer, then you may have no choice but to opt for AC, but try not to and save some cash.? A deposit of around 30% is a normal deposit and you should be ready to pay this when you book your car.? Make sure you get a deposit receipt in writing so you can be sure to get your money back when you are finished.? It is also important to get your rental agreement in English, as well as the native language to avoid any questions later on.? When you reserve your car make sure you understand the cancellation policy.? Sometimes you are free to cancel with no penalty if you do so before a certain period of time.? If you don’t cancel with 24 hours notice you may be asked to pay for that day.? Just double check with your company to make sure you have the right information in case you need to cancel the service. ? Spain Is An Excellent Vacation Spot

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・ Spain Is An Excellent Vacation Spot

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