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For most of the year you will find that the Alicante weather in is very pleasant for just about anyone. It gets hot in the summer and you will have a very mild winter as with most Mediterranean cities in Spain. Due to the lovely weather it is quite an attractive vacation spot for many people especially Torrevieja. Because of its location this helps with the weather. The hills and mountains to the North protect Alicante from the wind in the winter. This makes nice year round for many. In the summer the temperature ranges from 22-26 with some days going all the way up to 40 degrees Celsius. Usually at night time it is around 17 Celsius. It is usually dry with about 12 hours of daylight in the summer. The summer is a great time to visit the Costa Blanca, as it is near the Mediterranean.? However, it is also very crowded as so many people go their to vacation Many times people will want to visit in the spring as opposed to in the summer.? This is to avoid the crowds at the summer time and to keep the weather to where it is not so hot. In the spring you will get more rain than in the summer; however it is still fairly dry.? The temperature will range from about 18-22 during the day and from 8-13 degrees in the evenings. Later in the fall months you are more likely to get rain then you will in the winter time.? Autumn is considered to be a great time for traveling as well to the Costa Blanca as there is not nearly the tourists as there are in the summer and the weather is still pleasant enough for all to enjoy. There is also a boom in the number of people who arte going to the Costa Blanca in the winter time as well.? This is because there is rarely any freezing weather and hardly any snow along the coast. In the winter the temperatures during the daytime range anywhere from 12-16 during the day and can get as low as 5-8 degrees during the night.? All in all this is not bad weather at all for anyone that is looking to take a nice winter break and enjoy a place with many different sites and sounds to offer. ? See Torrevieja While In Spain

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・ See Torrevieja While In Spain

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