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So you are nearing retirement and are considering the nomad life for a while. Getting into that RV and taking off to see the sites of the good ole USA. This has been a dream of yours for many years and you are finally going to have the time and the finances to do so. You had better get it done while you still have your health. It’s going to be just you and your spouse foot loose and fancy free. What a great way to spend the first years of your retirement. But you know nothing about RV’s or at least an RV big enough to get this job done. You may have done a little camping when the kids were at home in that old pop up camper. But what do you need to purchase that will fill your wants and desires for this venture? You went to that RV show at the convention center, but came away so confused that you are thinking about scrapping the whole idea. Let me suggest that you rent some different RV’s and try them out on some short trips before purchasing anything. There are RV rentals in North Carolina, RV rentals in New Jersey, RV rentals in Northern California, there are RV rentals for motor homes anywhere you live in the United States. The great part about this is that you can decide on the right size vehicle for you and what features that you need while you are enjoying a mini trip. Many RV dealers sell their rentals after a year or so. You may find a real good deal on a rental unit when it becomes available if you get to know your dealer quite well. There is also the possibility that you may not want the responsibility of an RV. You had better find out now before you lay down that huge investment. This is why renting before buying makes sense to me. A lot of couples find out that they are not comfortable driving a large unit in the kind of traffic that we face today. After all, you are doing this to relax. There is also the task of emptying the sewage and making sure that you have plenty of water aboard. And what about the expenses beyond the purchase price? Campground fees have skyrocketed in the last few years, not to mention the price of fuel. Perhaps it would be a little more relaxing to invest in a luxury automobile and pay the price for a nice motel room. The best way to find out is to give them both a try. ? See The USA The American Way

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・ See The USA The American Way

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