Rome airport: Rome needs a new airport.

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In these days Rome airport authorities are debating about the possibilities to build or not a new airport in Rome. At the moment Rome has three airports: Fiumicino, for the international flights, Ciampino, for the low cost companies, and the City airport ( aeroporto dell’ Urbe ), normally used as miltary airport as well as training center for the italian pilots and? the helicopters of Rome. In these months the passengers traffic at Ciampino airport increased and the city needs also to move part of the low cost air traffic from Ciampino to Fiumicino. Three are the projects for the future of the Rome airports: 1- Ciampino airport is overloaded; 2-Fiumicino airport can be extended with a new terminal C, with the possibility to host more low cost european aircrafts. 3-The City airport ( aeroporto dell’ Urbe ) located in the north of Rome will be transformed into a business traveler airport. Originally the city airport was inhaugurated in 1928 and until World War II it was the major airport of the civil aviation in Italy. Until it was bombed in 1943 it had several buildings used for the airport management and a pilots training school. The city airport has a great potential but it needs infrastructures and investments of around 10 milion USD. This airport will be better connected to the city of Rome with a new road that will reach in 15 minutes the vatican city. The italian goverment is also thinking to move the traffic of the state aircrafts to the city airport. On the discussion table organized by the local government of Rome there is the deal of how low cost company can pay less if they land at Fiumicino airport and also the study of the pollution impact based on the european environment paramethers. ? Rome airport: Rome needs a new airport.

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・ Rome airport: Rome needs a new airport.

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