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You can prepare holiday plans well in advance to have a worry free vacation. It does not matter whether it is a summer, winter or just a short vacation. The essential thing is that you do not want to pack your worries as well. So, before embarking on a cruise you must not lose your focus.? A list of “must haves” for your comfortable travel tour: Crucial Documents like a proof of identity. Usually a driving license suffices travelling within your own country. An overseas vacation on a cruise would mean that you must carry your passport. Also cross check if you would require any visas for the places the ship would either harbor in or sail through. Also documents like your medical insurance and vaccination records must be carried.? You could call your cruise liner or your travel agent to access reliable information regarding these. Ofcourse, to top it all do not forget your tickets! Money matters You must carry money in the form of both cash and plastic. Paper money like traveller’s cheque is also a good idea as it is readily accepted and convenient to shop with. After all you may wish to buy some souvenirs!? If you carry your debit or credit cards then do remember to keep a copy of their contact numbers to report theft or a missing card. It is better to keep the cards and their contact numbers in different pockets to safeguard against pickpocketing. ? Essential Medications Forgetting your toothbrush is no big deal. A new one, even though expensive, could be easily bought on the ship. On the contrary, it could be truly tragic if you forget your prescribed drugs. To avoid custom queries regarding carrying your medicines you must carry a note written by your doctor to avoid any hassle. Fragile items like contact lenses and reading glasses must be taken in extra pairs in case of any damage. To avoid minor physical troubles during the cruise, you must carry a first aid kit that includes certain common medications like aspirin and seasickness tablets. ?If your cruise line permits you, then carrying a Swiss army knife or a small sewing kit is handy. If you have your tour itinerary then you could pack other items needed on a daily basis. A tentative tour program would help you to determine the luggage contents for both on and off the board activities. ?? Do remember not to overstuff your suitcase. Do leave some space for the souvenirs. After you finalize these essentials for your travel plan voila! Start dreaming of your cruise vacation. Happy sailing. ? Prepare Holiday Plans In Advance

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・ Prepare Holiday Plans In Advance

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