Grand Cayman Snorkeling: A Great Family Activity

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With clear waters that have a visibility that reaches 100 feet, Grand Cayman snorkeling sites offer the best view of the world under the sea. Because it is the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean, beginners can choose from 40 dive operators for their lessons. Grand Cayman snorkeling sites are very calm and almost current-free, giving new divers the chance to gain their confidence in water without being bothered by the thought of being carried away by the current. It offers fantastic snorkeling sites that can be enjoyed by both experienced divers and beginners, making Grand Cayman a great place for family fun. Grand Cayman Snorkeling for Kids With 40 dive shops distributed all over the island, finding an experienced diver who can coach the children is not a problem. Better yet, this area offers two programs that are perfect for kids: SASY and Bubblemaker. SASY, Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth, is a scuba unit made for kids. Made for snorkeling, six-year-old kids are given some lessons on how to use this unit in a swimming pool before they are taken to the beach or dive boat for a supervised snorkeling experience. Children who are eight to eleven years old can be taught how to use the Bubblemaker. This will allow them to go underwater, reaching a depth of 6 feet. Adventures for the Family Grand Cayman snorkeling sites have clear and calm waters that would allow the whole family to have a good view of the diverse marine life below from the surface. After the whole family has taken their Bubblemaker, SASY or snorkeling lessons, they can be taken to the Turtle Farm in West Bay. Although most visitors overlook this Grand Cayman snorkeling site because it is not well-promoted, this spot is worth a look. The children would enjoy viewing the marine life that inhabits this area. Close to the shore, they could view the colorful parrot fish, soft sponges, octopus and seafans that frequent the area near the shore. Of course, swimming amidst sea turtles will make the experience more memorable. In order to put a touch of history into the trip, taking the family to Georgetown is a great idea. Here, the Wreck of Gamma can be found not far from the shoreline. One can even see it sticking out of the water from the shore. This is an old freighter that crashed against the shoreline and is now crumbling because of corrosion. Children will definitely find the wreck awesome. Because the wreck has become an artificial home for many marine species, they would also enjoy looking at the coral formations in front of the wreck. The Cheeseburger Reef is another great Grand Cayman snorkeling site to visit. Located next to Burger King, families can go for some burgers, fries and sodas right after viewing the coral formations and feeding the fish that inhabit them. Cheeseburger Reef does sound like a funny for a reef that bears no resemblance to the sandwich but a visit to the nearby fast food place will answer why it gained that name. With so many unique and wonderful Grand Cayman snorkeling sites to choose from, finding a place that can be enjoyed by the whole family is not difficult. ? Grand Cayman Snorkeling: A Great Family Activity

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・ Grand Cayman Snorkeling: A Great Family Activity

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