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Tahiti is south of the Equator, mid way between Los Angeles California, and Sydney Australia. It is in the same time zone as Hawaii. The main languages spoken through French Polynesia are Tahitian and French. You will find in the hotels and restaurants that English is spoken, however the local people do appreciate it when their guests at least make an attempt to learn a few of their words. They are very willing to teach anyone who is willing to learn, and they will do it with lots of smiles and big laughs. In terms of entry requirements to French Polynesia, every visitor must have a return airline ticket to their home country or at least two more following destinations. In addition if required they must show evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves in French Polynesia. For most visitors, who are tourists, you will need a passport that has six months to run, except US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealanders where three months is sufficient. The only exceptions to this, where visas are obligatory are tourists from Israel, Brazil, Venezuela, and Panama. In some other cases visas are required for stays of over one month, and in other cases over three months. To be safe you should make enquiries from your travel agent, or the French Consular office in your country. Always bear in mind that entry requirements are subject to change without notice, and it is the passengers responsibility to make sure that all documents needed are complete and current. There are few health requirements for French Polynesia, and it is not a malaria area, but you should ensure your vaccination program is up to date, ensuring you visit your doctor at least five weeks before travelling. You are strongly advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance before leaving home.There are some outbreaks of dengue fever in Tahiti, so dont travel without Deet, or some other mosquito repellent, and cover up at dawn and dusk. The Law in French Polynesia is French law, so be aware that it is a criminal offence if you fail to offer assistance to a person in danger. This includes motor accidents, and any other occasion when a person is in danger, except if you would endanger yourself by offering assistance. If guilty you could be fined or be given a suspended prison sentence. You must carry your passport at all times. There are no sales taxes or hidden service charges in French Polynesia. The currency is the Pacific French Franc[CFP], but bring travellers cheques rather than cash. Amex, Mastercard, and Visa are all accepted at all major establishments. Finally prepare yourself for high costs as French Polynesia is 30 to 50% more expensive than most of the rest of the South Pacific ? French Polynesia Some Helpful Facts For The Visitor

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