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One of the most exciting experiences that someone can take is that of an African safari. Filled with wide open spaces, fresh air, and surrounded by the beauty of nature. But African safaris require a lot of preparation and money. If you’re looking for a way to avoid the hassle of getting a passport, getting extra immunizations, and dealing with all the other details of a safari, then you need to look closer to home and find similar experiences. Thanks to theme parks, though, you can have safaris while out of Africa, enjoying some of the same sights for less. When planning out your next vacation, try one of the safari experiences out of Africa for a unique experience. Disney’s Animal Kingdom For those looking for a place where you can get the feel of real safaris while out of Africa, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is a place where you can get just that experience. The focus on this theme park is animal conservation, the same as so many African wildlife reserves which have made modern safaris popular. If you come to this park, expect lodgings that try to replicate the feel of a true African safari lodge and enjoy seeing animals displayed in areas that mimic their natural environment. And for a simulated safari experience, the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride should work great, providing fun for the whole family. Out Of Africa Wildlife Park Located about 90 minutes from Phoenix, Arizona is the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, which also simulates an African reserve. Here, expect to see lions, panthers, and hyenas, all adding to a feel like you might get on real safaris while at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Their Serengeti Safari tour promises peeks at zebra, giraffes, and wildebeests, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the many endangered species of Africa in a setting that’s much closer to home. This makes this a great trip whether you’re attempting to experience your own safaris while out of Africa, or just as a stop on an Arizona sightseeing tour. African Safari Wildlife Park For those located in the northern part of the United States, you can visit the African Safari Wildlife park, located a short drive west of the famous Cedar Point amusement park. If you’ve gone to Cedar Point for the coasters, you can enjoy your own safaris while out of Africa by going here and enjoying over 100 acres of wildlife preserve, featuring giraffes, zebras, and warthogs. So, from the cooler climates of Ohio to the warmer areas in Florida and Arizona, you can find ways to enjoy safaris while out of Africa, enjoying the wildlife without the cost of a trip around the world. ? Enjoy Safaris Out Of Africa Without Going There

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・ Enjoy Safaris Out Of Africa Without Going There

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